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G r a p h i c s  &  A r t w o r k

Graphic File Guidlines

Please do not send images obtained from the Internet, Microsoft Word documents or Power Point slides.


These are the preferred formats in order of preference;

Vector Graphics

• Adobe Illustrator (.ai) preferred

• Illustrator EPS (.eps)

• Corel Draw (.eps)

Non-Vector (Minimum 150dpi)

• Photoshop (.psd) 

• TIFF (.tif) 

• PNG (.png)

• Adobe (.pdf)

• JPEG (.jpg) 



Please convert all FONTS to “Outlines” before sending files. If this is not possible, include the fonts along with the transfer of the production files. Having access to the font used in your graphic is essential for us to make changes to text on any of your signage. In many cases you will want to make last minute changes or additions to your sign order. In order for us to edit type, or add additional text, we will need the fonts. We will also need the fonts for proper print output if you have sent us Adobe Illustrator files without turning the text to “Outlines” or Photoshop files without “Rasterizing” the type layers.


In order to ensure the highest quality products, please make certain that all files submitted to Team Uniforms adhere to this criteria. If for any reason you are unfamiliar with any of these items, have any questions or need information on uploading to DropBox, please contact us at 503-574-3177 or email to

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